Summer Camp

All camps are CO-ED

Pumas 22-36 months

Little Lynx 18-26 months

Each week your child will have sports, academics, and arts & crafts included in their schedule. Each week will have a different theme filled with activities surrounding the theme of the week. We promote fun above all and learning through fun and play. 

All equipment and suppies will be provided.
Snacks and drinks will be provided as well but you are welcome to pack a snack and drink for your child.
Attire: Comfortable clothing; Tennis shoes. (Camp Shirt will be provided)

Thursday's are Family FUN Days feel free to spend the day with your child and see what they learned throughout the week. 
Pzza party on Thursday Parents are welcome to attend the pizza party with their child which starts at 11am

You choose the time, day, and the location!​
​We will bring the class to you.​

​Life can get so busy sometimes and it is hard to get your children signed up for something due to timing. Let us work on your schedule. We will bring the class to you and your child can be on a team with all of their friends. 

Become a class organizer and have your circle of  friends have more than just a play date and play soccer together for so much more fun! 

You may choose a park near your home or even your backyard and play on a weekday after work and school, or at any time/day/location of your choice.  

As a the organizer, your child will participate FREE if minium of 8 players register. We can also suggest a location that is near your home or  school. We can make it work however and wherever you want it, so it works for you and your busy schedule! You can choose from 6, 8, or 12 week sessions.


Create Your Own Class

This class is for 3 yr old beginners. We use a variety of fun games to develop balance, movement, motor and athletic skills, as well as listening to instructions. It is very active and fun.

Adaptive Soccer 3-8 years

Tots Soccer Classes

​This parent participation class uses a variety of props, songs, and games to engage toddlers in participation activities. Simple motor skills are developed using engaging games.

We Bring the Party to You!

We can do as much or as little as you want!
Tots Soccer Parties are 2 hours long. The first hour consists of Fun Party activities for the tots and the second hour consists of cake, food, and free play.  ​​

Party Pricing is based on number in your group please contact us for party prices ​ 

Leopards 4 years

This parent participation class is the progressive class for Little Lynx. It develops more advanced motor skills using engaging, fun games. The goal is to improve the child’s fitness, soccer skills, and over all athleticism.

Tots Soccer In Your School, Church, Or Daycare

Augusta Playmakers Tots Soccer allows daycares, preschools, churches, and after school programs the opportunity to offer an enrichment program that parents and school directors will love. 

We give children something to look forward to each week and provide a great way for parents to enroll their child in an extra-curricular activity without an additional time investment.

Some Benefits of Providing Our Program:​ 

​We come to you

A percentage of revenues goes to your facility

We are fully insured and will add your facility to our policy

We provide you with marketing materials

We list your facility on our webpage and marketing materials

This is the progression class for Leopards. More advanced skill development games are played as well as some introduction to sport and team concepts. Some small-sided scrimmaging is played once they understand the game.

Welcome to our Augusta Playmakers webpage below is an overview of our current programs offered.

About Us:

Augusta Playmakers Tots Soccer is an Activity for Toddlers. This program is based on a professionally developed curriculum which provides tots with a variety of fun and games and exercise in a positive, enjoyable, and exciting environment.

These games help your little ones develop their motor skills, build confidence and learn how to follow directions - all while promoting fitness and activity. 

Birthday Parties

Enrichment Programs

This is the progression class for Bobcats. More challenging skills and new concepts are introduced. The emphasis is on individual motor skill development and fitness

Cheetah 4.5-5 years

Our Tots Soccer Classes meet once a  week for 45 mins per day. Classes are broken up by age and/or skill levels/ The Classes are listed below:

Welcome to Augusta Playmakers

Our Summer Camp meet for the month of June. Camp starts June 5th and runs until June 29th.

All campers must register by Wednesday before Camp starts the next week. (This is so we can prepare and have enough supplies and staff for all campers the week of camp). There is a max registration of 48 campers per week.

This is a program for children with autism and down syndrome. In this class we work along with parents and therapists to reach developmental goals while having fun. This class is a customized class based on the goals of the children in each season.

Wildcats 3-3.5 years